Dr Eknath Balu Khedkar

About Director
Qualification : Ph.D. (Business Administration), C.A.S.Q., M.Com, D.O.M., D.T.L.
Experience : Teaching-20 Years, Industry-15 Years

Prof. Ashok Deokar

Qualification : Ph.D.(Pursuing under SPPU), MCA, MBA, BSc(Maths), Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
Experience : Teaching-18 Years, Industry-1.5 Years

Prof. Hidayat Pirjade

(Asst. Professor)
Qualification : Ph.D.(Pursuing),MCA,MCM, B,Sc(Phy)
Experience : Teaching 18 yrs and Industrial -4 yrs

Prof. Urmila Balasaheb Kadam

(Asst. Professor)
Qualification : BCS, MCA and M. Phil
Experience : Teaching-16 Years, Industry-4.5 Years

Prof. Santosh S. Deshmukh

(Asst. Professor)
Qualification : MCA
Experience : Teaching-11 Years, Industry-5.6 Years

Dr Jayshri Patil

(Asst. Professor)
Qualification : PhD (Computer Management), MCA, MCM, BSc (Electronics)
Experience : Teaching-14 Years, Industry-2 Years

Dr SapanKumar B. Singh

(Asst. Professor)
Qualification : Ph.D., MCA, SET
Experience : Teaching-09 Years, Industry-01 Years

Prof. Sapna Chavan

(Asst. Professor)
Qualification : MCA
Experience : Teaching-03 Years, Industry-02 Years

Prof. Shubham Wadpalliwar

(Asst. Professor)
Qualification : MCA
Experience : Teaching-03 Years, Industry-01 Years

Mrs. Ashwini Dolas

Qualification : M.A. M.Lib.Isc
Experience : Teaching-06 Years

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